Dimirela Meili

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A genetic polymorphism of cytochrome P450 2D6 has been described with the existence of poor (zero functional genes), extensive (one or two functional genes), and ultrarapid metabolizers (three or more functional genes). The authors measured the steady-state trough (R)- (i.e., the active enantiomer), (S)-, and (R,S)-methadone plasma levels in(More)
SUMMARY Reluctance has been expressed about treating chronic hepatitis C in active intravenous (IV) drug users (IDUs), and this is found in both international guidelines and routine clinical practice. However, the medical literature provides no evidence for an unequivocal treatment deferral of this risk group. We retrospectively analyzed the direct effect(More)
BACKGROUND Many intravenous opiate users are infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) but few are treated. Although this complies with various guidelines, virtually no published evidence supports such a recommendation. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a multicenter study, HCV-infected patients in opiate maintenance treatment programs received interferon plus high- or(More)
Participation and performance trends have been investigated in a single stage Ironman triathlon such as the ‘Ironman Hawaii,’ but not for a multi-stage ultra-triathlon such as the ‘Ultraman Hawaii’ covering a total distance of 515 km. The aims of this study were to analyze (1) changes in participation and performance, (2) sex-related differences in overall(More)
Phase I of the Zurich Prometheus Study is a cross-sectional study focusing on an up-to-date serology for HIV and hepatitis B/C and associated risk factors for all clients in four participating clinics offering opiate substitution in Zurich, Switzerland. The mean age of the 603 respondents is 30.7 years (SD = 6.2) and 38% of them are women. Seventy-five per(More)
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