Dimby Andrianina Ralambomanana

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Four calamenene sequiterpenes, (+)-(7R,10S)-15-hydroxycalamenene (3), (+)-(7R,10S)-2,15-dihydroxycalamenene (4), (+)-(7R,10S)-2-hydroxy-15-calamenal (5), (+)-(7R,10S)-15-calamenal (6), along with the amorphane sesquiterpene (+)-(1S,6R,7R,10S)-1-hydroxy-3-oxo-amorph-4-ene (16), have been isolated from the Madagascan shrub Tarenna madagascariensis (Rubiaceae)(More)
In this work we reported the synthesis and evaluation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis activities in vitro of a series of twenty five ferrocenyl derivatives: ferrocenyl amides derived from nicotinamide and pyrazinamide, ferrocenyl pyridinyl, quinolyl and acridinylhydrazones. In particular ferrocenyl acylhydrazones 7 and 8 and ferrocenylquinoxaline amide 57(More)
A new series of ferrocenyl diamino alcohols and diamines were synthesized and their inhibitory potencies were probed with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Interestingly, ferrocenyl diamines 6a and b display significant activities against M. tuberculosis H37Rv.
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