Dima Strekalov

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Quantum theory predicts that Bose-Einstein condensation of a spatially homogeneous gas with attractive interactions is precluded by a conventional phase transition into either a liquid or solid. When confined to a trap, however, such a condensate can form, provided that its occupation number does not exceed a limiting value. The stability limit is(More)
A quantum gravity-gradiometer consists of two spatially separated ensembles of atoms interrogated by pulses of a common laser beam. The laser pulses cause the probability amplitudes of atomic ground-state hyperfine levels to interfere, producing two, motion-sensitive, phase shifts, which allow the measurement of the average acceleration of each ensemble,(More)
Optical trapping as a viable means of exploring the physics of ultracold dilute atomic gases has revealed a new spectrum of physical phenomena. In particular, macroscopic and sudden occupation of the ground state below a critical temperature—a phenomenon known as Bose-Einstein condensation—has become an even richer system for the study of quantum mechanics,(More)
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