Dima Khaykin

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Direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation of coherent signals is considered of great importance in signal processing. To estimate both azimuth and elevation angle with the same accuracy, 3-dimensional (3-D) array must be used. Spherical arrays have the advantage of spherical symmetry, facilitating 3-D DOA estimation. To apply high resolution subspace DOA(More)
Spherical microphone arrays have been recently used for room acoustics analysis, to detect the direction-of-arrival of early room reflections, and compute directional room impulse responses and other spatial room acoustics parameters. Previous works presented methods for room acoustics analysis using spherical arrays that are based on beamforming, e.g.,(More)
Spherical loudspeaker arrays have been recently studied for directional sound radiation, where the compact arrangement of the loudspeaker units around a sphere facilitated the control of sound radiation in three-dimensional space. Directivity of sound radiation, or beamforming, was achieved by driving each loudspeaker unit independently, where the design of(More)
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