Dilsad Engin

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This paper presents an embedded mechatronic system that tracks sun for improving photovoltaic panel performance with low power consumption. The electronics part of this sun tracker consists of a DC motor driven by an ARM core microcontroller, and motor driving circuit with feedback sensors. Developed real-time control algorithm combines the open-loop and(More)
This paper presents the development of a line follower wheeled mobile robot. In this project, LM3S811 which is ARM cortex-3 based microcontroller is chosen as the main controller to react towards the data received from infra-red line sensors to give fast, smooth, accurate and safe movement in partially structured environment. A dynamic PID control algorithm(More)
In this study, PID control algorithm for a level control system is designed and applied to a programmable logic controller in order to meet the requirements of engineering students' hands on training on PID control of processes. The auto-tuning mode of operation based on PID analog measurements in a closed-loop control system is preferred to present how(More)
The overall objective of this study is to develop a control algorithm that improves performance and reliability of the two-axis solar tracker, focusing on optimization of the controller board, drive hardware and software. An embedded two-axis solar tracking system and real-time control algorithm was developed for improving photovoltaic panel utilization.(More)
It is well known that in theory 41% more sunlight is available by tracking the PV module to follow the daily course of the sun, relative to fixed installations. The overall objective of this study is to develop a control algorithm that improved performance and reliability the two-axis solar tracker. To achieve this goal, this study concentrate on optimizing(More)
In this study, an embedded system that performs compensation of the thermocouple output characteristic curve nonlinearities was designed. Mixed-signal microcontroller's peripheral units are used to amplify the low output voltage of the thermocouple to a desired level and and converted to digital without additional circuit elements, and noise reduction is(More)
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