Dilmurat Tursun

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The tracking algorithm described in this paper adopts the fuzzy clustering method to fuse the single frame detection measurements from different tracking windows, then the fused measurements will be inputted to the Particle filters, via the recursive prediction and updating, getting the moving state of each target at each discrete time. The theoretical and(More)
Under the condition of the target's initial information is already estimated successfully, this paper present a real-time target tracking algorithm that based on particle filter (PF) update algorithm. According to the particles' transmission characteristics and the measurements from a single frame detection, the algorithm estimate the target's following(More)
In this paper, the center distance feature (CDF) is presented as an efficient approach for on-line Uyghur handwritten character recognition. Based on early research for on-line Uyghur handwritten character recognition, a further research is conducted with center distance feature, abbreviated as CDF. This paper introduces the extraction of center distance(More)
In this paper, we conduct a deep research on the grid direction feature, peripheral contour feature, stroke number feature and additional part’s location feature for recognition of 32 independent forms of Uyghur characters through fully considering the unique shapes and writing styles of Uyghur characters. We divide the whole characters to subclasses by(More)
This paper proposes a method for texture feature extraction by integrating Gabor filters and independent component analysis (ICA) for Uyghur handwriting based writer identification. That is, the texture image is firstly filtered by a given bank of Gabor filters, and then higher dimensional feature vectors are constructed from the filtered texture images.(More)
Through the analysis on the unique characteristics of Uyghur characters, in order to further improve the recognition rate, this paper developed the Center Distance Feature (CDF) to its modified form which is named as Modified Center Distance Feature (MCDF). By combination with some low dimensional features including stroke number feature, additional part’s(More)
Correct and efficient segmentation of Uyghur words into characters is crucial to the successful recognition. However, little work has been done in this area. There are many connected characters in cursive Uyghur handwriting, which makes the segmentation and recognition of Uyghur words very difficult. To enable large vocabulary Uyghur word recognition using(More)
In this paper based on the needs of speech application research such as speech synthesis and speech recognition, combined the characteristics of the Uyghur Language, for the first time, established the "Uyghur speech acoustic parameters database" which includes common sentences, words, syllables and phonemes and their acoustic parameters. And the details of(More)
This research mainly considers and discusses system codepage in special techniques to multilingual processing of ancient Uighur literatures (Chagatai for abbreviation in the following text). Based on detailed analysis to Arabic code page, Farsi codepage and Uighur codepage in Unicode standard, we presented a codepage and keyboard layout, which is compatible(More)