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Risk of thyroid cancer after exposure to 131I in childhood.
Stable iodine supplementation in iodine-deficient populations may substantially reduce the risk of thyroid cancer related to radioactive iodines in case of exposure to radioactive iodine in childhood that may occur after radiation accidents or during medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Expand
Cancer after nuclear fallout: lessons from the Chernobyl accident
The Chernobyl accident exposed people located hundreds of kilometres away to fallout, but increases in cancer incidence as a result of the accident seem, at present, to be restricted to one tumourExpand
Thyroid Growth and Cancer
Most papillary thyroid cancers will not have achieved full immortality by adulthood, and remain as so-called micro-carcinomas with a very low growth rate, so the treatment protocols and nomenclature for small papillary carcinomas need to be reconsidered. Expand
The Chernobyl Accident 20 Years On: An Assessment of the Health Consequences and the International Response
Because of the problems with the international response to Chernobyl, the United Nations should initiate an independent review of the actions and assignments of the agencies concerned, with recommendations for dealing with future international-scale accidents. Expand
BRAF mutations are not a major event in post-Chernobyl childhood thyroid carcinomas.
The frequency of BRAF mutations is significantly lower in post-Chernobyl PTC than in adult sporadic PTC, whereas no significant difference was found between post- Chernobyl and sporadic childhood PTCs. Expand
Twenty years' experience with post-Chernobyl thyroid cancer.
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  • 1 December 2008
The risk falls rapidly with increasing age at exposure; it is doubtful if there is any risk for adults at exposure, but factors linked to susceptibility to thyroid carcinogenesis after Chernobyl include dose, iodine deficiency, and genetic factors. Expand
On the Origin of Cells and Derivation of Thyroid Cancer: C Cell Story Revisited
It is envisaged that novel factors implicated in C cell-derived tumour growth and progression will be discovered as the mechanisms that regulate lineage expansion of embryonic C cell precursors from pharyngeal endoderm are uncovered. Expand
Chernobyl, eight years on