Dillie Little

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Prolonged cold ischaemic time (CIT) is associated with delayed initial graft function and may also have a negative impact on long-term graft outcome. We carried out a study comparing the long-term graft survival rates between those recipients who received the first of a pair of donor kidneys versus the recipient of the second graft. Adult kidney transplant(More)
OBJECTIVE Post-traumatic arthritis is a frequent cause of disability and occurs most commonly and predictably after articular fracture. The objective of this investigation was to examine the effect of fracture severity on acute joint pathology in a novel murine model of intra-articular fracture. DESIGN Low and high energy articular fractures (n=25 per(More)
The effects of prednisolone treatment on the cellularity and cytokine (gamma interferon, interleukin-12, and inducible nitric oxide synthase) profiles of leprosy skin type 1 (reversal) reactions were studied using immunohistochemistry. Skin biopsies were taken from 15 patients with leprosy type 1 (reversal) reactions at days 0, 7, 28, and 180 after the(More)
The arteriovenous (AV) fistula is the access method of choice for long-term hemodialysis according to DOQI guidelines. Among the recognized complications of upper extremity AV fistulae fashioned for hemodialysis are infection, aneurysm formation, and high-output left ventricular failure. We describe a novel cardiopulmonary complication--secondary pulmonary(More)
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