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STUDY DESIGN A 15-year clinical follow-up of tuberculous lesions of the lumbosacral region. OBJECTIVES To verify the hypothesis that the lumbar lordosis and the specific biomechanics of the lumbosacral region influence and alter the healing pattern and progress of the disease when compared with their effects in other regions of the spine. SUMMARY OF(More)
The diagnosis of median facial dysplasia is made in cases of a typical deficiency of the median facial structures without concomitant abnormalities of the brain, and presence of unilateral or bilateral cleft lip and palate. The identification and description of this type of cleft lip and palate are important because such patients have severe growth(More)
During the service life of the primary dentition, the direct effects of surgical closure of the palate on the size of the maxilla are unimportant for all types of clefts. Narrowings of more than 1 mm occurred only in the posterior region of the dental arch. Narrowings in the anterior region of the dental arch were observed to a small extent in patients with(More)