Dilip Mathew Thomas

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The diffusion equation-based modeling of near infrared light propagation in tissue is achieved by using finite-element mesh for imaging real-tissue types, such as breast and brain. The finite-element mesh size (number of nodes) dictates the parameter space in the optical tomographic imaging. Most commonly used finite-element meshing algorithms do not(More)
BACKGROUND Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a reactive disease in which abnormal Langerhans cells accumulate in various body sites and cause damage to affected organs. Adults often do not respond to conventional therapy with local or systemic steroids. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to investigate intravenous etoposide as monotherapy in the treatment of(More)
Study of symmetric or repeating patterns in scalar fields is important in scientific data analysis because it gives deep insights into the properties of the underlying phenomenon. Though geometric symmetry has been well studied within areas like shape processing, identifying symmetry in scalar fields has remained largely unexplored due to the high(More)
The complexity in visualizing volumetric data often limits the scope of direct exploration of scalar fields. Isocontour extraction is a popular method for exploring scalar fields because of its simplicity in presenting features in the data. In this paper, we present a novel representation of contours with the aim of studying the similarity relationship(More)
Visualizing symmetric patterns in the data often helps the domain scientists make important observations and gain insights about the underlying experiment. Detecting symmetry in scalar fields is a nascent area of research and existing methods that detect symmetry are either not robust in the presence of noise or computationally costly. We propose a data(More)
Squamous cell carcinoma arising is an odontogenic cyst is rare, Eversole finding 36 cases in his review of the literature in 1975. Since then, a further 10 have been recorded in the English literature. We now report another case and describe its management. The need to histologically examine all odontogenic cysts is stressed.
Following the injection of suitable media, the arterial tree of 22 post-mortem human stomachs was studied by angiography, or corrosion and micro-dissection. In stomachs infused exclusively by the right gastroepiploic artery, i.e. following ligation of all other gastric vessels on the stomach wall, both methods produced good fundal filling, while(More)
Identifying symmetry in scalar fields is a recent area of research in scientific visualization and computer graphics communities. Symmetry detection techniques based on abstract representations of the scalar field use only limited geometric information in their analysis. Hence they may not be suited for applications that study the geometric properties of(More)