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In this paper, we outline an approach to improve the lifespan of a wireless sensor network by introducing a variant to standard sleep synchronization protocols. A multilayered architecture is used. To ensure even higher scalability and lower message size in any particular layer, number of layers is limited to four and each layer is broken into grids. Each(More)
On-board TCP (obTCP) has been shown to provide significant downloading performance improvement over TCP snoop in moving networks. In this paper, we look into the support for uploading performance of TCP. We believe that this aspect is critical for the general deployment of Internet applications on moving networks. We provide a mathematical model to measure(More)
The aim of this work is to make a simplified thermal evaporation system for the fabrication of any kind of nanostructure thin film. Zinc thin film has been deposited on bare glass substrate by the proposed thermal evaporation system with 0.05 mbar pressure, 7000C source temperature and 10 minutes deposition time. For obtaining zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure(More)
A square planar copper complex of derivatized NSAID drug (Ketoprofen thiosemicarbazone [3-benzoyl-alpha-methyl benzene acetic acid thiosemicarbazone]), is characterized by elemental analysis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry and magnetic susceptibility studies which exhibits dose-dependent and enhanced antiproliferative effects on human breast cancer cell(More)
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