Dilip Kumar Deka

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In the present investigation, we used standard patch clamp techniques to test whether nitric oxide (NO) generation has any role to play with either activation or inhibition of ATP-sensitive (KATP) channels in guinea-pig urinary bladder. We found that NO generation leads to activation of KATP channels through a cyclic guanosine monophosphate(More)
The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of Dirofilaria immitis in stray, pet, and working dogs (n = 413, 266, and 103, resp.) from Guwahati (Assam) and Aizawl (Mizoram), areas located in two Northeastern States of India. Diagnostic methods applied were microscopy (wet film and Knott's concentration technique), immunological test (Ag(More)
BACKGROUND The North Eastern Region in India is endemic for canine heartworm disease but in clinics accurate diagnosis is some times difficult. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of occult infections for heartworm disease in canine in two geographical regions of North Eastern India. METHODS A total of 782 numbers of three(More)
In the current investigation, the role of basal nitric oxide (NO) in modulating the vasorelaxant responses to pinacidil and levcromakalim was examined in goat isolated coronary artery. Pinacidil (10(-8) 10(-4) M) elicited concentration-dependent relaxations of the coronary artery ring segments (with intact endothelium) constricted with 30 mM K+ saline(More)
In the present investigation we have examined the hypothesis that calcium-dependent K+ channels (K(Ca)) are involved in the sodium nitroprusside (SNP)-induced vasodilatation of goat coronary artery. SNP (10(-9)-3 x 10(-6) M), added cumulatively, relaxed K+ (30 mM)-contracted coronary artery ring segments in a concentration-dependent manner with an EC50 of(More)
The storage and periodical release of urine are dependent on the activity of smooth and striated muscles of the urinary bladder, urethra and external urethral sphincter. It is essential for a normally functioning bladder that it is filled with urine at low pressures. Kidney filters the blood using relatively low glomerular capillary pressure. A back up(More)
The procedure of countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis in the diagnosis of Taenia hydatigena cysticercosis in goats was carried out for antemortem diagnosis of T. hydatigena cysticercosis in experimentally and naturally infected goats. The antigens of cyst fluid, scolex and membrane of T. hydatigena metacestodes were purified and compared. The sensitivity of(More)
In the present study, the mechanism of relaxant response of nitric oxide precursor, L-arginine, was investigated in goat isolated coronary artery. L-arginine (1 mM) reversed the U-46619 (1 microM)-induced contraction both in endothelium-intact and endothelium-denuded arterial ring preparations. L-arginine analogues, L-NAME, L-NNA and L-NMMA and the guanylyl(More)
The present study investigated the role of ATP-sensitive potassium (K(ATP)) channels in mediating relaxation to the nitric oxide (NO) donor, 3-morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1) in goat coronary arteries. SIN-1 (10(-8)-10(-5) M) caused concentration-dependent relaxations of the coronary artery ring segments contracted with K+ (30 mM) with an EC50 of 6.61 x(More)
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