Dilip Choudhury

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In pursuit of creating cuprate-like electronic and orbital structures, artificial heterostructures based on LaNiO3 have inspired a wealth of exciting experimental and theoretical results. However, to date there is a very limited experimental understanding of the electronic and orbital states emerging from interfacial charge transfer and their connections to(More)
It is proposed that when the era of the big-bang nucleosynthesis ended, almost all of the 75 percent of the observed total baryonic matter remained in the form of hydrogen and continued to exist in the form of protons and electrons. They are present today as baryonic dark matter in the form of intergalactic hydrogen plasma. To test our hypothesis we have(More)
Currently available Type Ia distant supernovae observed data seem to support evidence that the cosmic expansion of the universe is accelerating. This unexpected result is beyond any standard model of modern cosmology. The new concept advanced to account for the acceleration is dark energy or quintessence with negative pressure. Most analyses using this new(More)
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