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The purpose of this paper is to share the wiki use experiences of pre-service teachers enrolled in an undergraduate class taught by me. Students used a Google wiki site (http://sites.google.com) to work on one of their assignments. An evaluation of their experience suggested that these students needed a tool that better supports real-time communication, and(More)
  • Diler Oner
  • I. J. Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
  • 2016
In this paper, we investigate what appears to be an intermediate developmental stage in geometrical thinking according to Sfard’s commognitive framework. More specifically, we examine the change in three middle-school students’ mathematical discourse as they worked on a geometry construction problem within a virtual collaborative dynamic-geometry(More)
  • Diler Oner
  • 2012 Third International Conference on Emerging…
  • 2012
In CSCL research, coordination of different types of resources appears to be the essence of collaborative activity. This study proposes a methodological approach for studying coordination of resources when solving geometry problems in the context of dynamic geometry software. The aim is to suggest a methodological lens to capture both the content-related(More)
This study investigated whether a teacher professional development module built around designing WebQuests could improve teachers’ technological and pedagogical skills. The technological skills examined included Web searching and Web evaluating skills. The pedagogical skills targeted were developing a working definition for higher-order thinking skills, and(More)
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