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Thermopsis turcica Kit Tan, Vural & Kucukoduk (Fabaceae) is a rare and endemic Turkish species grown around Aksehir Lake and Eber Lake of the southern areas of Central Anatolia. T. turcica has a gynoecium of 2-4 functional carpels. This characteristic of T. turcica is unique in the subfamily Papilioideae of Fabaceae. Although this genotype is valuable as(More)
An unilocular ovary is often observed in the Fabaceae family. Thermopsis turcica Kit Tan, Vural et Küçüködük is an endemic, rare plant species in Turkey that is distinguished by its multi-carpellary apocarpous ovaries. No research has been conducted on the crossing of T. turcica with other species to date. Vicia faba L. (fababean) (2n = 12), which is one of(More)
This plant tissue study of micropropagation identifies the selective medium saving for rapid propagation in cultivated Thermopsis turcica, an endangered germplasm of the family Fabaceae. The aim is to obtain the optimum growth medium of T. turcica by enabling the in vitro propagation of this endemic. In this study, the leaves and stems of T. turcica were(More)
Thermopsis turcica Kit Tan, Vural & Küçüködük is an herbaceous perennial, endemic and listed as endangered species by IUCN in Turkey. This plant is noted for its unusual floral structure characterized by a 2–4 carpellary ovary. In this study, a DPD (NADP+)-like gene was partially sequenced for the first time in T. turcica. Since there is no previous(More)
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