Dilek Bilgin Tükel

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This paper discusses experimental robot identification based on a statistical framework. It presents a new approach toward the design of optimal robot excitation trajectories, and formulates the maximum-likelihood estimation of dynamic robot model parameters. The differences between the new design approach and the existing approaches lie in the(More)
Synchronization of music and dance of industrial manipulators is studied, simulated and realized. The results are shown in this paper. To formulate the dance, a modified Labanotation software has been developed, and a user-friendly human-machine interface is designed to enable the user to program the robot easily. The system is incorporated with a music(More)
In this project, we developed a chess play system based on Kinect vision sensor, which recognizes different hand gestures as a command and sends these commands to V-REP robotic simulation tool. Delta type robot will play chess according to the commands sent via vision software. In our system, we have tested for 2 different chess opening scenarios and DOF(More)
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