Dileep Sule

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The international globalization of the World markets for manufactured goods, particularly consumer goods, has placed an emphasis on nations to improve manufacturing productivity. This need to improve productivity is further prompted by a potential loss of competitive edge in the global marketplace. The market competitiveness and e$ciency of any nation is(More)
Ab stract. Man ufacturing e xpe rime nts with full autom ation for m an ufacturin g of good s, de velope d, prom ote d and atte m pted in th e 1980s, have faile d for e con om ic an d tech nical reason s. It is now wide ly accepte d that hum ans are vital to efficient and effective op e ration of man ufacturin g proce sse s. Historically, hum an resou rces(More)
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