Dileep K. Pulukkunat

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Ribonuclease P (RNase P), a ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex required for tRNA maturation, comprises one essential RNA (RPR) and protein subunits (RPPs) numbering one in bacteria, and at least four in archaea and nine in eukarya. While the bacterial RPR is catalytically active in vitro, only select euryarchaeal and eukaryal RPRs are weakly active despite(More)
RNase P catalyzes the Mg(2)(+)-dependent 5'-maturation of precursor tRNAs. Biochemical studies on the bacterial holoenzyme, composed of one catalytic RNase P RNA (RPR) and one RNase P protein (RPP), have helped understand the pleiotropic roles (including substrate/Mg(2+) binding) by which a protein could facilitate RNA catalysis. As a model for uncovering(More)
Metagenomics has been employed to systematically sequence, classify, analyze and manipulate the entire genetic material isolated from environmental samples. Finding genes within metagenomic sequences remains a formidable challenge, and noncoding RNA genes other than those encoding rRNA and tRNA are not well annotated in metagenomic projects. In this work,(More)
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