Dilanthi G. Amaratunga

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We describe, for the first time, the generation of a viral DNA chip for simultaneous expression measurements of nearly all known open reading frames (ORFs) in the largest member of the herpesvirus family, human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). In this study, an HCMV chip was fabricated and used to characterize the temporal class of viral gene expression. The viral(More)
Describes a process to assess facilities management (FM) process capabilities: the structured process improvement for construction environments--facilities management (SPICE FM) approach. The SPICE FM framework is a method that FM organizations can use to monitor continuously and subsequently improve their performance. The SPICE FM framework is being tested(More)
Marketing of distance learning programmes is a diversified business activity in many universities and the School of Construction and property Management (SCPM) utilises the tool predominantly in delivering Masters Courses and PhD sessions over the Internet. Although structural and organisational aspects of DL courses facilitated by computer mediated(More)
With the increase in occurrences of high impact disasters, the concept of risk reduction and resilience is widely recognised. Recent disasters have highlighted the exposure of urban cities to natural disasters and emphasised the need of making cities resilient to disasters. Built environment plays an important role in every city and need to be functional(More)
Poor response capacity has been identified as a major inhibitor for successful post tsunami recovery attempts in Sri Lanka. Despite level of incentives aid and help which have been received from the international communities, both governmental and nongovernmental organisations, have evidently failed to deliver expected levels of performance in post tsunami(More)
The majority of human and direct economic losses from natural hazards occur as a result of damage to the built environment due to the vital role that the built environment performs in serving human endeavours. One of the key reasons for people in developing countries to be more vulnerable to natural disasters than their wealthier counterparts is the limited(More)
This paper describes the process of theory building in performance measurement in facilities management through a study of the applications of some core principles of business performance context, and theory verification as it investigates the practical validity of a number of existing general theoretical propositions relating to business performance(More)