Dike Ikegwu Nwankwo

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The phytoplankton of a tidal creek in Lagos was investigated for six months (September 1998-February 1999). The physico-chemical environment was essentially neutral (pH 7.00-7.30), relatively more transparent (> 0.23 m), expressed higher conductivity (> 0.10 mS cm(-1)), higher chloride values (> 23.48 mg L(-1)), lower nitrate content (< 0.70 mg L(-1)),(More)
Lagoons are dominant features along large stretches of the West Africa coast. These freshwater environments are very valuable areas where phytoplankton constitute the basis of aquatic food webs. In order to know the effects of environmental variables on phytoplankton, a study of the successional pattern of phytoplankton in Lekki lagoon was carried out(More)
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