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In this paper, discriminant analysis is used as a means of analysing the effect of 30 variables upon the dependent variable Student success at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb. The data were collected by a questionnaire administered on two occasions: in the academic year 2006/07, among second-year students of the(More)
In this article we present the results of the questionnaire administered as studentspsila feedback on their learning experiences in the course "Selected Chapters of Mathematicsldquo on Faculty of organization and informatics in Varazdin. In the statistical evaluation of the conducted data we have used correlation analysis and factor analysis. As the result(More)
The study presented in this paper aims to explore students' characteristics and to determine student groups based on their previous education and socio-demographic characteristics. Descriptive data mining method, cluster analysis, is applied in the analysis process. Data used in the research is collected among first, second and third year IT students.(More)
Internet has changed the way individuals and institutions use computer in wide variety of activities. Researches and scientists, no matter the gender, have to be prepared to overcome the technological obstacles and find needed information for their work. The problem of gender disparity in Internet usage has received great interest among researchers. Most(More)
Determination of development priority of information system subsystems is a problem that warrants resolution during information system development. It has been proven, previously, that this problem of information system development order is in fact NP-complete, NP-hard, and APX-hard. To solve this problem on a general case we have previously developed(More)
Aim of this research was to examine familiarity of students in Croatia with threats in form of social engineering and phishing attacks. To obtain our research data, a practical assessment of student's capabilities to identify phishing attacks against them was conducted with the help of a graphical questionnaire that presented real phishing messages that(More)