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An Evaluation of the Overall T-38 Wind Tunnel Data Quality in Testing of a Calibration Model
Tests of standard models serve to confirm the overall accuracy and repeatability of measurements in a wind tunnel facility and to confirm confidence in results obtained. Expand
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Hypervelocity ballistic reference models as experimental supersonic test cases
Abstract Hypervelocity ballistic reference wind tunnel models are of interest to researchers in the field of high-speed aerodynamics, both as the means to validate the measurement chains in windExpand
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Experimental and numerical investigation into the flow around an ogive cylinder with fins (missile calibration model) was conducted for Mach 0.6 flow. The computational results were compared to theExpand
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Testing of calibration models in order to certify the overall reliability of the trisonic blowdown wind tunnel of VTI
It is strongly recommended that wind tunnel calibrations become a regular part of the operational cycle for any wind tunnel. They facilitate tunnel-totunnel data comparisons. Standard calibrationExpand
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Contemporary frame of measurement and assessment of wind-tunnel flow quality in a low-speed facility
The requirements for the accuracy of measurements in a wind tunnel test become more and more severe while the complexity of the test increases. In an environment of reduced time available for windExpand
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Evaluation of a force balance with semiconductor strain gages in wind tunnel tests of the HB-2 standard model
A six-component wind tunnel balance of a robust, unconventional design was produced using semiconductor strain gages on a compression-type axial-force element. The balance was designed primarily forExpand
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Experimental investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of the laser guided bomb model
Aerodynamic test results and boundary layer flow visualization on the wings and fins of laser guided bomb model are presented in this article. Test was performed in the T-38 wind tunnel. Influence ofExpand