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As for the third age, psychophysical abilities of humans gradually decrease, while the ability of adaptation to endogenous and exogenous burdens is going down. In 1987, "Harada" et al. (1) have found out that 9.5 million persons in USA have difficulties running daily activities, while 59% of them (which is 5.6 million) are older than 65 years in age. The(More)
Falls are the leading accidental cause of death among elderly people in their homes. Falls and their consequences are the primary reason in 40% of admissions to hospitals for people older than 65 years. The study population consisted of 77 randomly selected patients of both genders older then 65 years. Each patient was tested in his/her home and was(More)
Tennis elbow (Epicondylitis humeri radialis) is the most frequent reason that patients with elbow pain report to a physician. The exact cause of elbow pain is still unclear. However, it is certainly causally connected with connective intersection between forearm muscle and bone in the elbow region. In this paper, we analyzed patients that, over the period(More)
In the work we have examined 44 patients (16 women and 28 men), which the break of distal humerus is saned with operation, using adequate OSM. The average years of women patients was 29 (from 3 to 79), and of male patients 24 (from 1 to 75). After thr operative sanitary breaks distal part of humerus, using adequate OSM (fillo Kurschneri, platho metalico,(More)
We analysed 130 persons with osteoarthritis of knee and compared efficiency Deep Relief gel with sonophoresis and ultrasound with standard gel. Deep Relief has significant better effect for less pain and better improvement of functional capacity in comparison with ultrasound. Results of examination are statistic significant.
In General Hospital setting, where varieties of patients are included in neurorehabilitation process, set of multidisciplinary functional tests were established, as a routine in daily work. Tests were done by physiotherapists and occupational therapists who were members of rehabilitation team. Our aim was to select the tests which can be used as a routine(More)
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), once known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, Sudeck’s dystrophy and causalgia, is a pain syndrome with indistinctive pathophysiology and unpredictable clinical course. CRPS can develop after a limb fracture, injury or damage to the peripheral or central nervous system. The diagnosis of CRPS is based on the signs and(More)