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Of 243 children born after premature rupture of the membranes (PROM) 61 (26%) had the same bacteria in placental arterial, blood, in ear swabs (taken deep from the external auditory canal) and in meconium. The predominant organisms were E. coli, Bacteroides fragilis, Streptococcus faecalis (enterococci) and Streptococcus agalactiae (group B streptococci).(More)
A case is reported of sonographic diagnosis of ADAM-complex (amniotic band syndrome) in combination with Cantrell-syndrome in the 19th gestational week. The ultrasonic investigation also showed a large defect in the fetal skull with encepholocele as well as a marked defect of the abdominal wall and chest with dislocation of the intestines, liver, and heart.(More)
Following genetic counselling of a consanguineous couple because of a daughter born with peripheral hypoplasia of the left arm, ultrasonographic examination during the second pregnancy revealed marked hydrocephalus of the fetus in the 17th week of pregnancy. Pathologic examination of the female fetus disclosed severe cerebral, cardiac, and skeletal(More)
The rate of identical twins after in vitro fertilisation and embryo replacement is higher than after physiological conception. The present paper reports on the first delivery of twins (identical twins) after in vitro fertilisation and embryo replacement. The in vitro fertilisation and embryo replacement of one 4-cell stage resulted in a twin pregnancy. The(More)
A case is reported of sonographic diagnosis of ADAM-complex (amniotic band syndrome) in the 19th week of gestation of an otherwise healthy pregnancy. The ultrasonic investigation showed absence of bony structures in the skull area a direct connection to the placenta. The intra-cerebral structures showed no abnormalities. Aminocentesis demonstrated normal(More)
1. Graucr,W.O., Moss,A.A., Cann,C.E., Goldberg,H.I.: Quantification of body fat distribution according to sex, age and overweight, evaluated by computed tomography Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 39,631, 1984 2. Wischnik, A., Lehmann,KJ., Busch,H.P, Englmeier, K.-H., Sterescu,D., Georgi,M., Melchert,F.: Neue Aspekte der radiologischen Pelvimetire. Die digitale(More)
The combination of weight discordance and prematurity implies a high perinatal morbidity and mortality for the affected twins. Several pathomechanisms may be responsible for the weight difference in twins including a different genetic growth potential in dizygotic twins, placenta insufficiency in one twin, and chronic feto-fetal transfusion (CFFT). Little(More)
We report about one case of twin pregnancy where one fetus is healthy and the other has Trisomie 21. The one large skin fold on the neck is observe in the ultrasound. This ultrasound finds is noticed in the Ullrich-Turner-Syndrome as well as in the Down Syndrome. The Trisomie 21 was ascertained after the birth. The clinical meaning of this sonographic(More)
A case is described in which the family history and the sonographic findings during the 17th gestational week led to the suspicion of a short-rib-polydactylia syndrome of the Saldino-Noonan type and an abortion was induced. The ultrasound image disclosed cystic structures in the topographic area of the kidney, marked ascites and oligohydramnios and(More)
The ability of human γδ T cells from healthy donors to kill pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) in vitro and in vivo in immunocompromised mice requires the addition of γδ T-cell-stimulating antigens. In this study, we demonstrate that γδ T cells isolated from patients with PDAC tumor infiltrates lyse pancreatic tumor cells after selective stimulation(More)