Dietrich Stoyan

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Description of relations between spatial variability of microstructure and mechanical strength of alumina ceramics. assessment of the point-centred quarter method of plotless sampling in some New Zealand forests. 27 Acknowledgements We thank Chris Jonker for processing the heather image of Figure 1 at CWI as part of his honours thesis at the University of(More)
This paper reports on spatial-statistical analyses for simulated random packings of spheres with random diameters. The simulation methods are the force-biased algorithm and the Jodrey-Tory sedimentation algorithm. The sphere diameters are taken as constant or following a bimodal or lognormal distribution. Standard characteristics of spatial statistics are(More)
Certain monotonicity and convergence properties of the intensity of local and global hard core Gibbs point processes are investigated and compared to the closest packing density. For such processes simulated tempering is shown to be an eecient alternative to commonly used Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms. We study empirically the behaviour of the area(More)