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  • Dietrich Stoyan, Wilfried S Kendall, Joseph Mecke, Second Edition, John Wiley, D G Kendall +3 others
  • 2007
In many applications in biology, medicine, geology and material research there is a need of quantitative description of geometrical structures. Analysis of spatial data from various measurements requires suitable mathematical models and special statistical methods. Stochastic geometry is a mathematical discipline which meets these demands. It arised in the(More)
  • Rollo Davidson, D Stoyan, W S Kendall, J Mecke, Applications Stochastic Geometry, John +19 others
  • 1994
Description of relations between spatial variability of microstructure and mechanical strength of alumina ceramics. assessment of the point-centred quarter method of plotless sampling in some New Zealand forests. 27 Acknowledgements We thank Chris Jonker for processing the heather image of Figure 1 at CWI as part of his honours thesis at the University of(More)
This paper reports on spatial-statistical analyses for simulated random packings of spheres with random diameters. The simulation methods are the force-biased algorithm and the Jodrey-Tory sedimentation algorithm. The sphere diameters are taken as constant or following a bimodal or lognormal distribution. Standard characteristics of spatial statistics are(More)