Dietrich Polenz

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Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) have shown immunomodulatory and tissue repair potential including partial tolerance induction by pre-treatment of donor-specific cells in a rat heart transplantation model. Very recently, we could show that autologous MSC attenuated ischemia reperfusion injury in a highly mismatched donor-recipient rat kidney transplant(More)
Decellularization of pancreata and repopulation of these non-immunogenic matrices with islets and endothelial cells could provide transplantable, endocrine Neo- Pancreata. In this study, rat pancreata were perfusion decellularized and repopulated with intact islets, comparing three perfusion routes (Artery, Portal Vein, Pancreatic Duct). Decellularization(More)
Measured differences in the ability of paraprofessionals to discriminate and communicate facilitative conditions in psychotherapy as a function of length of experience. Hypothesis tested were that discrimination and communication abilities would be greater in Ss with longer experience and that these abilities would be correlated positively within(More)
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