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Transanal irrigation is increasingly used against chronic constipation and fecal incontinence in selected patients. The aims were to estimate the incidence of irrigation-related bowel perforation in patients using the Peristeen Anal Irrigation® system, and to explore patient- and procedure-related factors associated with perforation. External independent(More)
Chronic chalazia that predominantly involve the anterior eyelid lamellae are most easily approached through a transcutaneous incision. We describe the use of an eyelid crease incision for chalazia of the upper lid as an alternative to incision directly over the lesion. The technique has been used successfully in 16 patients with anteriorly situated upper(More)
In outlet constipation an exact diagnostic evaluation is always necessary because of the different etiologies, multiple combinations in primary and secondary lesions and the number of therapeutic alternatives. Basic diagnostics start with the very important, structured evaluation of the patient's history, colorectal examination including inspection,(More)
Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) has developed into the standard procedure in the management of fecal incontinence in the past 20 years. The clinical benefit is reproducible and the patients achieve permanent satisfaction. The method has received high acceptance and continues to spread. This article highlights SNS use in practice in Germany in terms of the(More)
We examined two patients with acute orbital myositis associated with orbital hemorrhage and eyelid ecchymosis. Both patients were young women (aged 22 and 30 years) who had painful proptosis, diplopia, and computed tomographic evidence of single extraocular muscle involvement with spillover of inflammatory edema into the adjacent orbital fat. Patient 1(More)
Dieser Behandlungspfad dient als Empfehlung eines Expertenpanels zum Einsatz der Sakralnervenstimulation (SNS) bei der Behandlung von Stuhlinkontinenz. Zielsetzung ist die Standardisierung der Anwendung dieser Therapie. This treatment pathway serves as a recommendation from an expert panel for the treatment of fecal incontinence using sacral nerve(More)
Patientinnen mit unter der Geburt erlittenen hochgradigen Dammrissen und Kloakenbildung sind für den behandelnden Arzt problematisch hinsichtlich Diagnostik und Therapieplanung. Auch die Erfolgsaussichten einer operativen Therapie werden häufig gering eingeschätzt. Wir berichten über acht Patientinnen mit kloakogenen Defekten nach hochgradigen Dammrissen(More)
Die sakrale Neurostimulation (SNS) ist in den vergangenen 20 Jahren ein fester Bestandteil in der Therapie der Stuhlinkontinenz geworden. Die reproduzierbaren und lang anhaltenden Behandlungserfolge der Stuhlinkontinenz führen zu einer hohen Akzeptanz und einer zunehmenden Verbreitung der SNS. Daher stellt sich die Frage der praktischen Anwendung dieser(More)
Three to four million women suffer from urinary incontinence (UI) in Germany. This number will rise further as life expectancy increases, and there is an annual incidence of newly occurring UI of about 1%. Two thirds of all women with UI suffer additional symptoms of fecal incontinence. The type of incontinence present is diagnosed on the basis of patients(More)