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In this study the anisotropic characteristics of TFT-LCD (Thin-Film-Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display) screens were examined. Anisotropy occurs as the distribution of luminance and contrast changes over the screen surface due to different viewing angles. On the basis of detailed photometric measurements the detection performance in a visual reaction task(More)
The formation of Fe-Zn intermetallic compounds, as relevant in the commercial product galvannealed steel sheet, was investigated by scanning electron microscopy and different methods of X-ray diffraction. A scanning electron microscope with high resolution was applied to investigate the layers of the galvannealed coating and its topography. Grazing(More)
AIM The absorbed dose is an important parameter in experiments involving irradiation of cells in vitro with unsealed radionuclides. Typically, this is estimated with a model calculation, although the results thus obtained cannot be verified. Generally used real-time measurement methods are not applicable in this setting. A new detector material with in(More)
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