Dietmar Schulze

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The objective of this paper is to evaluate magnetic field interactions at 1.5 and 3 T for 20 orthodontic devices used for fixed orthodontic therapy. Twenty springs and auxiliary parts made from varying ferromagnetic alloys were tested for magnetic field interactions in the static magnetic field at 1.5 and 3 T. Magnetic translational force Fz (in(More)
In order to compare and optimize powders regarding flowability and to design powder handling equipment like silos, feeders, and flow promoting devices, it is necessary to know the mechanical properties – the so-called flow properties. In the present paper it is outlined which physical parameters describe the flow properties of a powder or a bulk solid, and(More)
The dynamic behavior of liquid metal drops submitted to a high-frequency magnetic field is investigated experimentally. The motivation for this study comes from the coating industry. In this industry, liquid metals showing a free surface held in a dome-type shape are evaporated by applying electromagnetic pressure. The Galinstan drops are placed on a curved(More)
High loadings of carbon black (CB) are usually used to achieve the properties demanded of rubber compounds. In recent years, distinct nanoparticles have been investigated to replace CB in whole or in part, in order to reduce the necessary filler content or to improve performance. Multilayer graphene (MLG) is a nanoparticle made of just 10 graphene sheets(More)
We present experimental results on the stability of a free liquid metal surface influenced by an alternating magnetic field. The field is generated by an inductor fed by a high-frequency electrical current. The experimental setup consists of an annulus filled with the liquid metal galinstan. We observe three kinds of instabilities: exciting of capillary(More)
Anorganische Borverbindungen werden aus imprägniertem Holz mittels einer 10%-igen Mannit-Lösung im Ultraschallbad vollständig extrahiert und anschließend durch photometrische Bestimmung gemäß AWPA A2, bzw. DIN 38405 quantitativ bestimmt. Due to the importance of boron as wood preservative a simple detection method for borate treated wood was developed.(More)
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