Dietmar Pfründer

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Enzymatically dispersed smooth muscle cells of the guinea-pig portal vein were studied by the patch-clamp technique. They were found to have Ca2+-dependent K+ channels with the typical properties of the “BK” channel, i.e. a reversal potential at the calculated equilibrium potential for K+ ions, a striking voltage dependence, and a conductance of(More)
Tedisamil, a new bradycardic agent with an inhibitory action on K+ channels in cardiac muscle, was found to inhibit in a non-competitive manner the relaxation induced by the K+ channel opener cromakalim in noradrenaline-stimulated helical strips from rabbit aortae. Tedisamil tended to be more potent in this respect than glibenclamide; the latter however(More)
From theoretical reasons and clinical experience with infertile women, an impairment of the self-image and the body-image was to be expected with involuntarily childless people. Our hypothesis was tested in a sample of 107 subjects. 59 of them (f = 30, m = 29) were patients undergoing treatment for infertility. The two control groups consisted of 24 parents(More)
Ziel der Studie war es, Häufigkeit und Symptomatik eines primären Immundefekts bei Patienten einer Spezialambulanz für klinische Immunologie zu untersuchen. Von Mai 2010 bis Mai 2012 wurden prospektiv 210 Patienten erfasst, die mit der Verdachtsdiagnose „z. B. Immundefekt“ zur Abklärung überwiesen wurden. Infekte der oberen Atemwege, unklares Fieber,(More)
Nicorandil and cromakalim were found to stimulate 86Rb efflux (a marker of K+ ions) from resting preparations of rabbit aorta. This action was suppressed by 10(-5) M glibenclamide, an antagonist of K(+)-channel openers in vascular smooth muscle. Through intracellular production of cyclic GMP, and subsequent suppression of cellular Ca2+ activation,(More)
Tedisamil is a new bradycardic agent with an inhibitory action on K+ channels in cardiac muscle, and secondary beneficial effects in experimentally induced cardiac ischemia. In whole-cell clamp studies in enzymatically dispersed, single smooth muscle cells from the guinea-pig portal vein, tedisamil inhibited the delayed rectifier K+ current (determined as(More)
Vasodilatation following tissue ischemia is assumed to partially result from activation of ATP-dependent K+ channels (KATP). To assess the effect of cytosolic adenosine nucleotides, the balance of which depends on tissue pO2, on KATP, we have measured steady state outward currents (SSC) by the whole-cell clamp technique in smooth muscle cells of the guinea(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the effects of long-term treatment with azithromycin (AZM) on inflammatory markers in cystic fibrosis patients chronically infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa are scarce. So far there is no pharmacokinetic and clinical data on once-weekly dosage of AZM in CF patients. METHODS In a randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled trial,(More)
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