Dietmar Peters

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Biomass accumulated by the photosynthetic fixation of carbon dioxide is the only renewable carbon source, and hence, the only renewable raw material for the chemical industry. Carbohydrates are the main constituents of biomass and occur as cell wall and storage carbohydrates, transportation carbohydrates and glycoconjugates. Cellulose, hemicelluloses and(More)
Investigation of inertia-gravity waves in the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere over northern Germany observed with collocated VHF/UHF radars A. Serafimovich, P. Hoffmann, D. Peters, and V. Lehmann Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Kühlungsborn, Germany Meteorological Observatory, Lindenberg, Germany Received: 6 July 2004 – Accepted: 20 July 2004 –(More)
During the MaCWAVE campaign, combined rocket, radiosonde and ground-based measurements have been performed at the Norwegian Andøya Rocket Range (ARR) near Andenes and the Swedish Rocket Range (ESRANGE) near Kiruna in January 2003 to study gravity waves in the vicinity of the Scandinavian mountain ridge. The investigations presented here are mainly based on(More)
The dry mass of individual vaccinia virions, as an example of a presumably uniform biological population, prepared in different lost at the Institute for Tropical Hygiene in Hamburg, was tested for variability by quantitative electron microscopy. A value of 5.26 X 10(-15) g for the median weight of the particle was calculated from 7,300 determinations. By(More)
Industrial fermentations need raw materials that fulfill the requirements of the organism (suitable carbon and nitrogen source, minerals and specific nutrients) and that are available in a high quantity and quality. This contribution gives a comprehensive overview, including the new trends and progress of recent years. The use of feedstock based on several(More)
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