Dietmar Nolte

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In this paper we describe the distributed object-oriented database kernel OMS (Object Management System), developed at CADLAB and used within the Jessi Common Framework (JCF 1). This kernel provides a exible, high-performance base for today's applications like design environments , ooce automation, or multimedia systems. We shortly describe the internal(More)
Many enterprises suffer from the problems caused by heterogeneous data (base) systems. Redundancies across the mostly isolated databases often lead to data inconsistencies. Moreover, applications that need data of other/multiple databases have to use the different database interfaces which complicates code and raises maintainance costs. In response to these(More)
Tools of existing frameworks can easily share data between each other by its integrated database system but data access to external database systems, le systems, or other frameworks is often not supported. We propose to incorporate database federation services into a framework to enhance the data openness of frameworks. These services allow a coupling of(More)
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