Dietmar Millinger

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The SAE has classi ed automotive electronics into two major categories body electronics and system elec tronics The latter SAE class C comprises safety crit ical functions that are of vital importance for the move ment of the vehicle This paper presents a prototype implementation of TTP a time triggered communica tion system developed for this type of(More)
The provision of a system-wide global time base with a good precision and sufficient accuracy is a fundamental prerequisite for the design of a multicluster distributed real-time system. In this paper we investigate the issues of clock synchronization in a multicluster system, where every node can have a different oscillator. Based on the parameter of a(More)
The design of an advanced distributed embedded control system, e.g., in the automotive or aerospace industry, is often approached cooperatively by a system manufacturer and several subsystem suppliers. Therefore a decomposition of the system into smaller subsystems with well-defined, stable interfaces among them must be developed. The internal design of(More)
The time-triggered(TT) architecture approach supports the spatial partitioning of a large, distributed real-time system into a set of autonomous subsystems with small control-free data-sharing interfaces between them. This paper presents such a TT architecture and gives a detailed description of the interface between an autonomous time-triggered(More)
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