Dietmar Forster

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BACKGROUND About 90 percent of the deaths from malaria are in African children, but criteria to guide the recognition and management of severe malaria have not been validated in them. METHODS We conducted a prospective study of all children admitted to the pediatric ward of a Kenyan district hospital with a primary diagnosis of malaria. We calculated the(More)
Anopheline mosquitoes were sampled inside houses, where residents slept under untreated bednets, by CDC light traps and human-biting catches to evaluate light traps as a means for determining human exposure to malaria vectors in Kilifi District, Kenya. Mosquitoes were sampled during 2 all-night collections by light traps and one all-night biting catch in a(More)
Traditionally malaria epidemiology has focused on factors such as parasite rates and vector dynamics without specific reference to disease. There are limited comprehensive data on malaria as a life-threatening event in African children. We have identified, through hospital surveillance, 581 episodes of severe malaria in residents of a defined area on the(More)
¶ Leksell Gamma Knife was used to treat 66 patients with glomus jugulare tumour at 6 European sites between 1992–1998. The age of the patients ranged between 18–80 years (median 54 years). Gamma Knife radiosurgery was a primary treatment in 30 patients (45.5%). Open surgery preceded radiosurgery in 24 patients (36.4%), embolisation in 14 patients (21.2%)(More)
A community survey of 388 mothers in a rural and peri-urban population surrounding a district hospital on the coast of Kenya revealed that the preferred choice of treatment for childhood febrile illnesses was with proprietary drugs bought over the counter at shops and kiosks (72% of interviews). 67% of the mothers who reported using shops claimed they would(More)
The verbal autopsy (VA) is an epidemiological tool that is widely used to ascribe causes of death by interviewing bereaved relatives of children who were not under medical supervision at the time of death. This technique was assessed by comparison with a prospective survey of 303 childhood deaths at a district hospital in Kenya where medically confirmed(More)
Between October 1990 and November 1991 data were collected on the frequency, causes, and nature of epileptic seizures in children admitted to the paediatric ward at Kilifi District Hospital, Kenya, from a defined study area. During this period, 1324 children were studied, of whom 15.8% had seizures as part of their illness. Malaria was by far the commonest(More)
The main aim of this study was to compare the decision-making performance of college soccer players on a soccer-specific, tachistoscopically presented test, at rest and while exercising at their adrenaline threshold and at their maximum power output. These were determined following an incremental test to exhaustion on a cycle ergometer. After the initial(More)
Hypoxia was identified as a microenvironmental component of solid tumours over 60 years ago and was immediately recognised as a potential barrier to therapy through the reliance of radiotherapy on oxygen to elicit maximal cytotoxicity. Over the last two decades both clinical and experimental studies have markedly enhanced our understanding of how hypoxia(More)
BACKGROUND The authors have previously reported asymptomatic hypoglycemia in non-diabetic patients on hemodialysis. The present study was designed to assess the effect of hemodialysis on plasma glucose, glucagon, cortisol and catecholamines in diabetic patients. METHODS Eighteen diabetic patients with chronic renal failure were hemodialyzed using a(More)