Dietmar Fey

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The Message Passing Interface (MPI) [17] is the most widely used message passing library for parallel applications on compute clusters. Here, we present our experiences in developing an IPv6 enabled MPI version for both most popular implementations, the MPICH2 and the Open MPI implementations. Further, we discuss how these IPv6 enabled MPI implementations(More)
In this paper we present a new organic computing principle denoted as marching pixels for the architectures of future smart CMOS camera chips. The idea of marching pixels is based on the realization of a massively-parallel fine-grain single-chip processor array. Marching pixels are virtual organic units which are propagating in a pixel processor array,(More)
The significant increase in complexity of Exascale platforms due to energy-constrained, billion-way parallelism, with major changes to processor and memory architecture, requires new energy-efficient and resilient programming techniques that are portable across multiple future generations of machines. We believe that guaranteeing adequate scalability,(More)
We present results of an investigation concerning the appropriateness of different parallel SIMD architectures based on reconfigurable approaches for an integration in an one-chip high speed smart CMOS camera. The processing elements (PEs) of the architecture combine parallel analogue optical signal detection and parallel digital signal processing to meet(More)