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—Building automation (BA) and smart homes (SHs) have traditionally not been a unified field but varied by their origins, legal foundations, different applications, different goals, and national funding programs for basic research. Only within the last years that an international common focus appeared. The following overview gives not only an introduction(More)
—Building automation systems (BASs) have seen widespread distribution also in private residences over the past few years. The ongoing technological developments in the fields of sensors, actuators, as well as embedded systems lead to more and more complex and larger systems. These systems allow ever-better observations of activities in buildings with a(More)
Data acquisition by multidomain data acquisition provides means for environment perception usable for detecting unusual and possibly dangerous situations. When being automated, this approach can simplify surveillance tasks required in, for example, airports or other security sensitive infrastructures. This paper describes a novel architecture for(More)
A method for the automatic discrimination of sensor and system behavior and construction of symbols with semantic meaning from simple sensor data is introduced - SCRS (Semantic Concept Recognition System). The automated method is based on statistical modelling of sensor behavior. A model of a sensorpsilas value sequences is automatically constructed. The(More)
Research in automation focuses on systems which are capable of solving very complex tasks and problems. Artificial Intelligence and especially Cognitive Science have brought remarkable successes; however, in some areas the boarders of feasibility and further extension are reached. Compared to human intelligence the range of capabilities of the solutions is(More)
In an intelligent environment one important task is to observe and analyze person's daily activities. Through analyzing the corresponding time series sensor data the person's daily activity model should be build. To build such a model some problems have to be overcome: the sensor data count increase sharp with time and the distribution of the data is(More)
—Modern building automation needs to deal with very different types of demands, depending on the use of a building and the persons acting in it. To meet the requirements of situation awareness in modern building automation, scenario recognition becomes more and more important in order to detect sequences of events and to react to them properly. We present(More)