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—Building automation (BA) and smart homes (SHs) have traditionally not been a unified field but varied by their origins, legal foundations, different applications, different goals, and national funding programs for basic research. Only within the last years that an international common focus appeared. The following overview gives not only an introduction(More)
—Building automation systems (BASs) have seen widespread distribution also in private residences over the past few years. The ongoing technological developments in the fields of sensors, actuators, as well as embedded systems lead to more and more complex and larger systems. These systems allow ever-better observations of activities in buildings with a(More)
Smart situation detection is a key feature of today's surveillance systems. The human operator has to be relieved from overseeing all activities of a monitored area simultaneously. By using smart sensors the operator can be notified about uncommon situations and evaluate only these situations. A key feature of such a system is the flexibility of smart node(More)