Diethard Kurt Bohme

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The optimization of ion/molecule chemistry in a differential mobility spectrometer (DMS) is shown to result in improved peak capacity, separation, and sensitivity. We have experimented with a modifier composed of multiple components, where each component accomplishes a specific task on mixtures of peptides and small drug molecules. Use of a higher proton(More)
The ability to resolve isomeric protonated dipeptides was investigated with the new technique of differential ion mobility mass spectrometry that uses "modifier" molecules to enhance differential mobility. Two pairs of protonated peptides [glycine-alanine (GlyAla) and alanine-glycine (AlaGly), glycine-serine (GlySer) and serine-glycine (SerGly)] and eight(More)
Infrared multiple-photon dissociation (IRMPD) spectroscopy, collision-induced dissociation mass spectrometry, and theoretical calculations are combined to provide new insights into the structure and dissociation of lead(II) complexed with the conjugate acid of the amino acid glycine ([Pb(Gly-H)](+)) in the presence and absence of solvent. Unexpectedly,(More)
The core ions [ML(n)]2+ with n = 1-3, where L = 1,10-phenanthroline and M is a first-row transition metal, have been successfully transferred from aqueous solution into the gas phase by electrospraying and then probed for their stabilities by collision-induced dissociation in a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. The triply ligated metal dications [ML3]2+(More)
The collision-induced dissociation of lasalocid and monensin A bound to alkali metal cations has been investigated using electrospray MS/MS. The binding affinity for the metal cations, as measured with collision-induced dissociation, was found to depend on their ionic radius, decreasing with increasing radius. Monensin A was observed to have a greater(More)
Selected deprotonated oligodeoxynucleotides generated by electrospray ionization were exposed to a variety of neutral molecules in the gas phase at room temperature in flowing helium gas at 0.35 Torr. Single-stranded [AGTCTG-nH]n- and single- and double-stranded [GCATGC-nH]n- anions were found to be remarkably unreactive with strong oxidants (O3, O2, N2O)(More)
The reactions of Pt(+) with CH(3)X (X=F, Cl) are studied experimentally by employing an inductively coupled plasma/selected-ion flow tube tandem mass spectrometer and theoretically by density functional theory. Dehydrogenation and HX elimination are found to be the primary reaction channels in the remarkably different ratios of 95:5 and 60:40 in the fast(More)
Ion pair formation proceeding in solution at room-temperature, where it is driven by energies of solvation, has been observed in the gas-phase in the collision-induced dissociation of [Cu phthalocyanine (SO3)4Na]3- and [Cu phthalocyanine (SO3)4Na2]2- at low energies. The gas-phase observation of these charge separations into positive and negative ions,(More)
An analysis of reaction efficiency is presented for reactions of carbonaceous ions and molecules. Our results show that the combination of experimental rate-coefficient measurements and computations of the condensed Fukui functions of frontier molecular orbitals and pyramidal angles of pi orbitals is very useful for elucidating the reactive sites on(More)