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Early Aptian bay deposits at the southern margin of the Lower Saxony Basin: Integrated Stratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and Oae 1a
The present study establishes a lithostratigraphic subdivision, a bio- and chemostratigraphy and describes the sedimentology of the Alstatte Bay at the southern margin of the Lower Saxony Basin inExpand
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Morphological variability in response to palaeoenvironmental change – a case study on Cretaceous ammonites
Changes in ammonite morphology during the earliest Early Aptian (Cretaceous) of an epicontinental sea in northern Germany were investigated based on new and rich material of DeshayesitesExpand
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Ostracod response to habitat change in an early Aptian shelf sea
Abstract Changes in ostracod assemblage composition from the Lower Aptian of the Lower Saxony Basin (Germany) are investigated to estimate their potential as proxies for palaeoenvironmental habitatExpand
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Puzzling brittle stars
Benthic ecosystem response to the deposition of lower Aptian black shales in an epicontinental sea
Abstract Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAEs) of the Mesozoic are manifested globally by deposition of laminated, organic-rich sediments at depths ranging from the deep ocean to the shallow, epicontinentalExpand
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