Dieter an Mey

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This paper gives an overview about the Score-P performance measurement infrastructure which is being jointly developed by leading HPC performance tools groups. It motivates the advantages of the joint undertaking from both the developer and the user perspectives, and presents the design and components of the newly developed Score-P performance measurement(More)
Derivatives of almost arbitrary functions can be evaluated efficiently by automatic differentiation whenever the functions are given in the form of computer programs in a high-level programming language such as Fortran, C, or C++. Furthermore, in contrast to numerical differentiation where derivatives are approximated, automatic differentiation generates(More)
A collection of frequently occurring OpenMP programming patterns could help an application programmer to find easy solutions for his or her parallelization task. Two proposals for a collection of such patterns are presented: 1) Reduction operations occurring in an outer loop can be efficiently parallelized by software pipelining. With this technique the(More)
Version 3.0 of the OpenMP specification introduced the task construct for the explicit expression of dynamic task parallelism. Although automated loadbalancing capabilities make it an attractive parallelization approach for programmers, the difficulty of integrating this new dimension of parallelism into traditional models of performance data has so far(More)