Dieter Wißmann

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Thyroid tumorigenesis involves qualitative and quantitative changes in protein expression, which can be comprehensively studied by proteome analysis. However, one of the technical bottlenecks of proteomics remains a reliable, sensitive and inexpensive method for quantification of differentially expressed proteins. This is due to the limited linear range of(More)
The aim of this study was to characterize the interferon induced intracellular signals in duck hepatocytes and to investigate the effects of duck interferon on virus replication in duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV) infected ducks. Interestingly, duck interferon was found to activate intracellular signal transduction pathways similar to those of its mammalian(More)
In diesem Beitrag wird eine Methodik vorgestellt, mit deren Hilfe Datenmodelle auf der Basis von gesichertem Erfahrungswissen definiert werden. Die Methodik begleitet die Entwicklung eines Datenmodells von der Anforderungserhebung bis zur Umsetzung in einer Datenmodellierungssprache (z.B. XML Schema). Die Grundidee lehnt sich an die bekannten Entwurfsmuster(More)
Current architectural concepts in general demand the decomposition of a system into independent modules with well-defined interfaces. These concepts lead to a decoupling of data from the rest of the system by hiding the data access details behind an abstract interface. This pattern describes how the data access itself to exchangeable data resources can be(More)
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