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A Process Representation Technique proposed in this article can be used for evaluating software processes. The Technique considers some important aspects of causal dependencies between activities and documents within a process model. Production rules are used as the description language, because they are able to handle incomplete and changeable information(More)
The aim of this multicenter randomized prospective study in patients with early Parkinson's disease is to differentiate over a 4-year period between levodopa/benserazide monotherapy and the corresponding combination with bromocriptine by the assessment of motorial side effects, therapeutical benefit and fine motorial skills. Although there is circumstantial(More)
For specifying and designing an evaluation and certiication of software a number of diierent types of problems (represented as sub-models) have to be identiied:-software characteristics and metrics,-software product information,-software process information,-evaluation methods and tools. The collection of information required for an evaluation and(More)
Activities to be performed and documents to be produced or modified are the basic elements for the software process description and are grouped according to different engineering aspects, such as development, quality assurance, configuration management or project management. Activities can be refined to processes using refined document structure or(More)
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