Dieter Verzele

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The aim of this review is to make researchers aware of the benefits of an efficient quality control system for prediction of a developed vaccine's efficacy. Two major goals should be addressed when inactivating a virus for vaccine purposes: first, the infectious virus should be inactivated completely in order to be safe, and second, the viral epitopes(More)
With the study of peptides and proteins at the heart of many scientific endeavors, the omics era heralded a multitude of opportunities for chemists and biologists alike. Across the interface with life sciences, peptide chemistry plays an indispensable role, and progress made over the past decades now allows proteins to be treated as molecular patchworks(More)
Over the past decades, several in vitro methods have been tested for their ability to predict drug penetration across the blood-brain barrier. So far, in high-performance liquid chromatography, most attention has been paid to micellar liquid chromatography and immobilized artificial membrane (IAM) LC. IAMLC has been described as a viable approach, since the(More)
We present three versatile solid-supported scaffold building blocks based on the (deoxy)cholic acid framework and decorated with handles for further derivatization by modern ligation techniques such as click chemistry, Staudinger ligation or native chemical ligation. Straightforward procedures are presented for the synthesis and analysis of the steroid(More)
A prototype sphingomyelin stationary phase for Immobilized Artificial Membrane (IAM) chromatography was synthesized by an ultra-short, solid-phase inspired methodology, in which an oxidative release monitoring strategy played a vital role. Evaluated in a proof-of-concept model for blood-brain barrier passage, partial least squares regression demonstrated(More)
Current review highlights emerging strategies for design of DNA-binding peptides and cross-linking techniques capable of interference at the DNA-protein interface with emphasis on bottom-up organic synthesis. Despite the obvious fundamental character, these inquiries could ultimately result in interesting biomedical applications as designed genome(More)
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