Dieter Verhulst

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Background: In our department, axillary views of the shoulder in trauma patients are not performed on a routine base, but sometimes, they are ordered by the trauma surgeon. We usually perform an anteroposterior view of the shoulder, combined with a posterior and an anterior oblique view of the shoulder in trauma patients. Because the classical described(More)
This study was designed to determine the type and frequency of physical and psychological symptoms reported by pregnant and postpartal women and their husbands, and to determine the relationship between spouses' strength of identification and similarities in their reports of symptoms. The sample included 20 couples who resided in south-eastern Ontario,(More)
In this paper we research an FPGA based application specific instruction set processor (ASIP) tailored to the needs of a flow aware Ethernet access node. The processor has an architecture optimized to handle flow processing tasks such as parsing, classification and packet manipulation. The VLIW instruction set allows for high degree of parallelism among the(More)
A mathematical model is proposed to account for the interactions between Ca2+ and cyclic AMP in the process of glucose-induced insulin release. This model allows simulation of experimental findings such as the glucose-induced accumulation of cyclic AMP in islet cells, the calcium dependency of the latter accumulation, the time course of 45Ca net uptake by(More)
In this paper we research an FPGA based Application Specific Instruction Set Processor (ASIP) tailored to the needs of a flow aware Ethernet access node using a retargetable compilation flow. The toolchain is used to develop an initial processor design, asses the performance and identify the potential bottlenecks. A second design iteration results in a(More)
A procedure is proposed to normalize enzymatic reaction velocities measured in separate experiments. After calculation of the Km and maximum velocity in each individual set of data, the velocities measured in each experiment are reanalyzed by regression analysis with the constraint that they yield a Km identical to the geometric mean of the individual Km's(More)
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