Dieter Schweizer

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A cytogenetic map of common bean was built by in situ hybridization of 35 bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) selected with markers mapping to eight linkage groups, plus two plasmids for 5S and 45S ribosomal DNA and one bacteriophage. Together with three previously mapped chromosomes (chromosomes 3, 4, and 7), 43 anchoring points between the genetic map(More)
The analysis of taxonomic distribution and lineage-specific variation of domains and domain combinations is an important step in the assessment of their functional roles and potential interoperability. In the study of eukaryote sequence sets with many multi-domain proteins, it can become laborious to evaluate the phylogenetic context of the many occurring(More)
Am I content? No, and I hope I never will be. The day you wake up and everything's perfect – what's left? What direction is there to go? Much better to wake every morning to matters, which worry you a bit, affairs that demand your attention and work you feel must get done. These are the things that keep me going. I love to search for solutions, to solve(More)
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