Dieter Schwarzmann

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  • H. Przuntek, Prof. D. Welzel, +8 authors K. Überla
  • 1992
L-Dopa supplemented by a peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor is considered the most potent therapeutic regimen prolonging active life in Parkinsonian patients. The long-term benefit of therapy is limited by adverse effects, such as dyskinesia and on-off phenomena, which can be mitigated by the concomitant administration of dopamine agonists, such as(More)
This paper deals with nonlinear multivariable output feedback control of a two-stage turbocharged diesel engine. The feedback structure of internal model control (IMC) is used in combination with a nonlinear feedforward controller based on geometric nonlinear control design methods. Input saturations as well as measured disturbances are taken into account(More)
The paper presents a new approach to the selection of tests used in service diagnosis of dynamical systems. It proposes a method to select input signals that steer the system into a particular operating region and to find the corresponding local residuals for evaluating the system's I/O behavior. The tests allow the isolation of faults that are generally(More)
  • Prof. Dr. K. Greeff, H. Dransfeld, K. Meng, D. Schwarzmann
  • 2006
2 EHMER, A., K. JAm~, G. KUSCmNSKY, I~. Lii~L~A~, It. REUTEI~ U. U. WOLLERT: Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Arch. exp. Path. Pharmak. 247, 342 (1964). 5. Frfihjahrstagung der Deutsch. Pharmakolog. Ges., Mainz. 3 ]:~RONEBElCG, G., K. H. MEYER, :n. SCttl~AUFST_~TTEI~, S. SC]~UTZ U. K. STOEPEL: Naturwissenschaften 51, 192 (1964). Prof. Dr. G. K ~ o ~ o ,(More)
The pressure or the flow of gases and fluids are often controlled by the position of electromechanical actuators. The position control of these actuators usually have high performance requirements in the sense that their positioning has to be as fast as possible. Due to defects and aging, it is difficult to achieve constant performance for all actuators(More)
The paper presents a new approach to the generation of test signals used in service diagnosis. The tests make it possible to isolate faults, which are isolable only if the system is brought into specific operating points. The basis for the test signal selection is a structure graph that represents the couplings among the external and internal signals of the(More)