Dieter Schuller

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The challenge of optimally selecting services from a set of functionally appropriate ones under Quality of Service (QoS) constraints -- the Service Selection Problem -- has been extensively addressed in the literature based on deterministic parameters. In practice, however, Quality of Service QoS parameters rather follow a stochastic distribution. In the(More)
Auctioning constitutes a market-driven scheme for the allocation of cloud-based computing capacities. It is practically applied today in the context of Infrastructure as a Service offers, specifically, virtual machines. However, the maximization of auction profits poses a challenging task for the cloud provider, because it involves the concurrent(More)
Due to increasing competitive pressure, manufacturing companies need to support flexible and scalable business processes - both on the shop floor and in their enterprise software systems. Cloud manufacturing is a recent approach to realize real-world manufacturing processes by applying well-known basic concepts from the field of Cloud computing to this(More)
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important for executing business processes. This development contributes to a novel class of Business Process Management Systems, called eBPMS, that inherit elasticity from cloud computing. The aim of eBPMS is to improve the efficiency of process enactment, in particular regarding scalability and cost-efficiency.(More)
Matchmaking -- i.e., the task of finding functionally suitable service offers based on a service request -- has only been addressed in the context of WS-* Web services. However, RESTful services are gaining increasing attraction and have been adopted by major companies, thus increasing the need for suitable matchmaking solutions. This paper introduces(More)
Although virtual factories are a well-established approach to managing distributed, cross-organizational manufacturing processes, corresponding end-to-end IT support is still lacking. Service-oriented virtual factories use and extend well-known methods and technologies from service-oriented computing, the Internet of Things, and business process management(More) 1 COST‐DRIVEN OPTIMIZATION OF CLOUD RESOURCE ALLOCATION FOR ELASTIC PROCESSES Stefan Schulte1, Dieter Schuller2, Philipp Hoenisch1, Ulrich Lampe2, Ralf Steinmetz2, Schahram Dustdar1 1 Distributed System Group, Vienna University of Technology, Austria Email: {s.schulte, p.hoenisch, dustdar} 2 Multimedia(More)