Dieter Schmitt

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We investigated tree water relations in a lower tropical montane rain forest at 1950-1975 m a.s.l. in southern Ecuador. During two field campaigns, sap flow measurements (Granier-type) were carried out on 16 trees (14 species) differing in size and position within the forest stand. Stomatal conductance (g(s)) and leaf transpiration (E(l)) were measured on(More)
  • D Schmitt
  • Folia primatologica; international journal of…
  • 1996
Postcranial material from Notharctus, Smilodectes and Cantius is abundant and well studied, but debate continues over whether the locomotor repertoire of these animals included a substantial component of vertical leaping. Here, the shape of the humeral head of 11 genera of extant strepsirhines, Notharctus, Smilodectes and Cantius was quantified using serial(More)
Pendular motion during brachiation of captive Lagothrix lagothricha lugens and Ateles fusciceps robustus was analyzed to demonstrate similarities, and differences, between these two closely related large bodied atelines. This is the first captive study of the kinematics of brachiation in Lagothrix. Videorecordings of one adult male of each species were made(More)
The observed weakness of Mercury's magnetic field poses a long-standing puzzle to dynamo theory. Using numerical dynamo simulations, we show that it could be explained by a negative feedback between the magnetospheric and the internal magnetic fields. Without feedback, a small internal field was amplified by the dynamo process up to Earth-like values. With(More)
It is becoming more and more difficult to work out future strategies for the aerospace industry characterized by long product development cycles in a very complex environment with considerable uncertainties about the development of relevant factors. The application of scenario planning in the aircraft design process can help on the one hand to get a useful(More)
The strong influence of unpredictable factors on the development of future concepts for cabins of Blended Wing Body (BWB) aircraft favors the methodology of scenario techniques. The scenario process performed at Technische Universitat München together with Airbus Deutschland GmbH, DaimlerChrysler Society and Technology Research Group and industrial Design(More)
Three-dimensional simulations of a thermally stably stratified gas with a localized layer of toroidal magnetic field are carried out. The magnetic field gives rise to a magnetic buoyancy instability. Due to the presence of rotation the resulting fluid motions are helical and lead to an α-effect, i.e. to a component of the electromotive force in the(More)
A leaf net photosynthesis model is presented driven by light and modulated by temperature and air humidity. From this the seasonal variation of CO2 uptake and release could be modelled to estimate the annual carbon fluxes of sun and shade leaves. In fully expanded leaves light is the major factor determining daily carbon balances, and highest observed daily(More)
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