Dieter Niederkorn

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In the context of test automation for automobiles, the compressed video recording of infotainment system components like navigation devices is a required practice. These recordings are then analyzed, archived, and forwarded to the responsible engineering teams. In order to compress navigation video sequences efficiently, the dominant rotational motion must(More)
In this paper we present a new line descriptor that can be used in the process of tracking 2D navigation maps that are low in texture details. The problem of tracking this kind of maps is very important in the development and testing phases of a navigation system. In order to track the motion of the map, which could be a translation, rotation, or scale(More)
Navigation systems have become complex devices in automobiles nowadays. As part of large in-car infotainment systems, these devices undergo extensive hardware and software tests in order to assert correct system behavior under all circumstances. During field tests, the display output is typically recorded in compressed form for days or weeks, followed by a(More)
This paper focuses on the detection of freezing artifacts that could occur in the navigation system of the car during field tests. Knowing that the motion in the navigation system could also stop when the car stops, it is crucial to differentiate between this situation and a real freezing artifact. We propose an algorithm that reliably detects map jumps(More)
Testing the graphical human machine interface (HMI) of automotive infotainment systems has shown to be costly and challenging due to its large function scope, high complexity and multiple variants. To ensure the quality and reduce testing costs we are working on a model-based testing concept for graphical HMIs of infotainment systems. In our work the short(More)