Dieter Metzner

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A Methodology for the specification, design and verification of Application Specific Standard -IC-products (ASSP) is presented. The application of a " simulatable specification " , written in the Hardware Description language VHDL-AMS, is the key feature of this method, which uses a modular approach with respect to specification, behavioural models and(More)
To investigate morphological changes in the corpus callosum in hydrocephalus and to correlate them with clinical findings we studied sagittal T2*-weighted cine MR images of 163 patients with hydrocephalus. The height, length and cross-sectional area of the corpus callosum were measured and related to the type of cerebrospinal fluid flow anomaly and to(More)
A Top Down Design Aproach using VHDL-AMS as HDL is outlined using a current control IC as an example. An essential part of it is the concept of block specifications as a starting point for the implementation process. Behaviour modelling concepts of parts of the architecture are shown, in order to illustrate the ease of using the language standard. In(More)
A modeling methodology for behavioral models of Smart Power ICs is presented. These components typically consist of a few hundred to thousand transistors, which can be separated into digital (logic) and analog (electro-thermal) model equations. The preferred simulation tool in the automotive industry is presently SABER (MAST ® language). The resulting(More)
The paper discusses the simulative circuit verification of a power bridge in the context of its application, i.e. an automotive headlight leveling system. It especially emphasizes a topic, which is often neglected in mixed-domain modeling: the identification of the related component properties, e.g. the armature friction or torque constant of an electric(More)
7201 Background: Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is a rare and aggressive neoplasm of the lining of the lung. Only case reports are available for treatment and outcome of AbM. Pemetrexed (ALIMTA™) is a novel antifolate targeting key enzymes in purine and pyrimidine synthesis. Recently data from a randomized phase III trial have shown superior efficacy(More)
4151 Background: AbM is a very rare and aggressive neoplasm of the peritoneum. Treatment data of AbM are commonly case reports. A is approved for pleural mesothelioma (MPM) with rare data however regarding AbM. METHODS We evaluated efficacy and safety data of A (500 mg/m2) +DDP (75 mg/m2) or carboplatin (AUC 5) in AbM prospectively. Ctx was given d1 and(More)
Healthy subjects show, in a special pressure compliance test of the optic nerve head, signs of autoregulation of optic nerve head circulation. In this test visual evoked response (VER) amplitudes were recorded during stepwise increased intraocular pressures. In the resulting VER amplitude/pressure curves glaucoma patients did not show the sign of(More)