Dieter Mehnert

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Normal strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae do not use alpha-aminoadipate as a principal nitrogen source. However, alpha-aminoadipate is utilized as a nitrogen source by lys2 and lys5 strains having complete or partial deficiencies of alpha-aminoadipate reductase and, to a limited extent, by heterozygous lys2/+ strains. Lys2 mutants were conveniently(More)
A new mutation introducing a one-carbon requirement (e.g., formate) for the glycine-supplemented growth of a serine-glycine auxotroph (ser1) was correlated with a lack of glycine decarboxylase activity. The presence of oxalate decarboxylase activity or glyoxylate decarboxylase activity did not overcome the one-carbon requirement. Another mutation(More)
beta-Glucosidase activity in crude extracts of Mucor racemosus exists in a soluble form and in a wall-bound form which sediments at 3,500 x g. The soluble form and a wall-bound form were purified to homogeneity by ammonium sulfate fractionation. DEAE-Sephadex chromatography, and SP-Sephadex chromatography. Both forms were identical in all parameters(More)
The synthesis of near-to-natural F0 contours is an important issue in text-to-speech and crucial to the naturalness and intelligibility of synthetic speech. In earlier studies of the first author a model of German intonation was developed that is based on the quantitative Fujisaki-model. The current paper addresses a perception experiment comparing a(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, very little data exist on the development of healthcare-related and financial parameters of both types of inpatient treatment: clinical units run by affiliated physicians and those run by hospital physicians. AIM This study used a methodology based on published secondary data to estimate the annual number of cases and revenues for in(More)